Who am I?

Here we are in the most personal page of the blog, a page where you will discover the nature of my passion for board games.
From the top of my 1m92, and a great lover of tea of all kinds, I fell in love with board games by pure chance in this month of July 2009 during a game night organized by a small shop in my city.

After 3 hours of unknown jargon and with my brain bubbling, I came out transformed (in a good way :p).
It didn’t take me long to return to this place that seemed so strange to me the night before.

For it was the next day that I went back to this same store to buy my very first game, the first of a very long list.
Over the years, my collection has grown, and in the space of a few years, it has more than quadrupled to include different types of games, for all ages and styles.

For the most curious among you, you will find right here my complete board game collection on the following websites : MyLudo or BoardGameGeek.
I particularly like Bruno Cathala for his different approaches to board games and as he says so aptly: “playing is communicating differently”. I like the way games make it so easy to connect with people. 

I think it’s a wonderful and utterly magical tool that helps to bring people of all ages together around a common goal: having a good time together, (and for some, winning, I’m not going to deny it ^^).

I, in turn, have converted many people to join the board game community with the help of a good bowl of M&M’s 🙂 .
My favorite type of game is Dungeon Crawler (Descent, Dungeon Saga…), dice games (at most, there are at most, I’m over the moon). But I also enjoy other styles of play depending on the circumstances.

Speaking of dice, here are the dice towers that I have printed, which avoid bad throws, and which look great on a gaming table. Completely useless, but absolutely essential for a gamer like me!

And now I come to the point where I am writing these lines in this very special month of December 2020.

After several months of reflection, I decided to share my passion, and my love for board games by creating this blog that will grow over the weeks, months and years.

Hoping to convert you for the curious, to inform you for people looking for information or reviews about games.