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Welcome to the blog ‘La tuile de jeu’ !

Created on January 2021, this site aims to help you in your choices, your hesitations and purchases of board games.

You will find here my latest tests in French and English, as well as a personal ranking of the best games of the moment.
This site is not intended to explain you the rules in detail, but to give you an overview of the game in order to form an opinion.

Have a nice visit on the site, and until then good game !

I talked about it recently...

Boite de jeux de société

Dexterity and skill are the key words in this crazy game! Will you manage to place all your stones without them getting magnetized together?

Boite de jeux de société

In this roll & write, Trek 12 will take you to Nepal to conquer different summits. Prove to the world that you are an experienced mountaineer !

Boite de jeux de société

Welcome to Maender-Alkoor!
You narrator, will hire a team to accomplish your quest and narrate their adventures. But be careful not to get caught by your enemies!

Boite de jeux de société

Welcome to Crime City!
In this cooperative game, solve the 16 available investigations, find evidence and arrest the criminals!

Boite de jeux de société

In prehistoric era, help your tribe provide for their needs. Cooperate to hunt, survive, and develop new technologies to improve your comfort of life.

Boite de jeux de société

As a tribal chief, send your hunters to track animals to feed your community and answer the call of your elders.

Boite de jeux de société

Help your grandfather Leon recall his memories by trying to mime them on the palm of his hand using various objects.

Boite de jeux de société

Equipped with your pieces of fabric and your needle, you will sew a quilt with different patterns and colors in order to attract adorable little cats

My 10 favorite games of the moment

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Fleet The Dice Game

  4. The Loop

   5.  Four Gardens

   6. Beez

   7. Trek 12

   8.  Agricola Familly Edition

   9.  Glow

 10.  Matcha